Electrical Panel Installation in West Haven & North Haven, CT

Electrical Panel Installation in West Haven & North Haven, CT

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Your electrical panel regulates the energy flow in your home. If your panel is old or defective, it may not support the increased energy demands of your home or business building properly. When your panel can no longer keep up with the flow of energy, it can cause your breaker to trip often or even lead to an electrical fire. Make sure your panels are prepared for an increased energy load by scheduling a panel upgrade with Aceto Electric LLC.

Discover now if your electrical system is properly regulating the flow of energy into your home or business. Call now to make an appointment for service.

Don't overlook the importance of a panel upgrade

Many of the homes in West Haven and North Haven, Connecticut are older and have outdated electrical panels. Even homes built in the eighties and nighties weren't built for the power requirements of modern homes. With laptops, tablets and cellphones occupying nearly every outlet at some point in the day, energy demands have increased dramatically over the last couple of decades.

Aceto Electric is here to modernize your electrical system. If you are unsure whether your panels need an upgrade, here are some common signs that it's time to call a professional electrician:

  • Your lights are flickering.
  • You've noticed a burning smell coming from your panel.
  • You've upgraded to new appliances in an older home.
  • The panel is warm to the touch.
  • Your outlets have burn marks on them.
  • Your breakers are tripping frequently.
  • Your outlets aren't working.

If you suspect you may need an electrical panel upgrade in West Haven, North Haven or elsewhere in Connecticut, don't hesitate to reach out. Call Aceto Electric today at 203-671-0288 to schedule an appointment.

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