Electrical Service Upgrades in West Haven & North Haven, CT

Electrical Service Upgrades in West Haven & North Haven, CT

7 signs that you need an electrical service upgrade

Your electrical system will frequently need repairs, but very few people know when it is time for an electrical upgrade. Make sure that your electrical system is in peak performance by scheduling routine electrical services in West Haven & North Haven, CT and the surrounding areas. The crew at Aceto Electric LLC has the skills and experience needed to repair or upgrade your electrical system quickly.

Here are some common signs that you may need a repair or an upgrade:

  1. Your lights are flickering
  2. You've had recurring power outages
  3. Your breakers keep tripping
  4. You notice burning smells and crackling sounds from panels
  5. Your panels feel like they are overheating
  6. You don't have enough power outlets to operate appliances sufficiently
  7. You have old or worn two-pronged outlets

If you have noticed any of these telltale signs in your home or business building, reach out to us today for a consultation.

Why choose a professional for your electrical service upgrade?

Even with all the online tutorial videos out there, don't try any electrical service repairs or upgrades by yourself. Replacing or repairing your electrical system can be a very dangerous job. To avoid crossed wires, shock or fire hazards, rely on the expertise of experienced electricians from Aceto Electric. We have over a half-century of electrical service repair and upgrade experience.

Bring your home or business up to code. Contact us today to schedule an electrical system upgrade in West Haven or North Haven, CT.

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