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Turn the Lights Back On in Your Home or Office

When the power goes out at your home or commercial property, you need a team of electricians by your side ASAP. Fortunately, you have one at Aceto Electric LLC! Our talented electrical contractors offer 24/7 emergency service.

Whether your power goes out, your breaker trips or you run into another electrical issue, we'll be there in a flash. Call 203-671-0288 as soon as you need us to get the lights back on.

3 common electrical issues we'll fix at your West Haven or North Haven, CT property

We've been in this business for more than 50 years, so our electrical contractors have seen it all. We'll repair the issue when:

Your light bulbs keep burning out, flickering or dimming. This could be because you're using the wrong bulbs, or it could indicate a circuit problem.

Your circuit breaker trips. If this happens frequently, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel.

Your outlets are dead. This could mean your breakers tripped or you have a poor connection in your circuit.

Call 203-671-0288 today to send in a talented electrician to fix the electrical problems in your home.

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